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University of Derby – City Campus masterplan

The University of Derby continues to develop its campus and student accommodation and is developing its strategy for a greater presence in the city centre.

A new business school is currently under construction. Set to open in 2025 adjacent to the University’s iconic Law School at One Friar Gate Square, the business school will be home to 6,000 students. The University recently successfully raised £70m in the capital markets to finance construction.

The University intends that the new business school will be a catalyst for further development of the City Campus. This will include enterprise and business engagement activity, new and refurbished student accommodation, green space and additional facilities for students in terms of catering and social learning spaces.

The City Campus will also host the East Midlands Institute of Technology, awarded by the UK government to a consortium of HE/FE education providers in Derby and Loughborough. The Institute will create the highly advanced workforce, focusing on engineering, manufacturing and digital skills.

Key facts

  • Business school to be opened in 2025
  • Business school will be home to 6,000 students by 2030
  • City Hub plans to include academic and enterprise activity
  • £70m secured for new business school – under construction
  • £13m secured for East Midlands Institute of Technology
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Opportunity location

Why invest in Derby?

For over 300 years, Derby has been home to innovators and thought leaders. We are the UK Capital for Innovation, with global names and their extensive supply chains underpinning our strong economy. Rolls-Royce’s global civil aerospace and defence campuses are here, whilst Alstom is part of our significant rail cluster – Europe’s largest. SmartParc will create a world-leading sustainable food manufacturing hub and we are leading the way in future fuel technologies, using our advanced manufacturing expertise to revolutionise the way low-carbon energy is used.

Derby’s location at the heart of the UK has been instrumental to the city’s success. Over 80% of Great Britain can be reached within a four-hour drive, thanks to the region’s excellent connectivity links. Derby’s proximity to East Midlands Airport (the UK’s largest pure freight hub) ensures that goods can easily be moved internationally via air.

Over the past 10 years, £3.1bn has been invested into Derby, with a further £1.7bn of known investment in the pipeline, including projects which will revitalise the city centre: over 2000 new homes by 2025; a new 3,500-seater performance venue by 2024; and a new university campus and business school for 6,000 students by 2030.

Insight for investors

  • Type of investment sought: Purpose-built student accommodation/campus building
  • Target investor(s): Investment partners
  • Value: £150m+
  • Timescale: 2025 (business school); 2025+ (wider City Hub)
  • Planning status: Planning permission granted for business school
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Primary promoter

University of Derby