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The Midlands is home to the largest MedTech cluster in the UK, generating £1.6 billion for the economy every year. Across rehabilitation, health technology, medical technologies, manufacturing and R&D, the region has world-class clinical and academic capabilities coupled with well-established, highly productive, high-innovation enterprises.
  • Leaders in the development of X-ray, MRI technology and pharmaceuticals.
  • Keele University in Staffordshire is one of only two UK sites to manufacture the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Extensive digital health capabilities such as sensors and digital measuring devices that are made and deployed across a range of sectors.
  • Academic expertise at the region’s universities spans individual illnesses, such as diabetes, as well as specific organs, such as the lungs. It is also contributing to drug pathway development, investigating how drugs are handled by the body so that they can be delivered successfully and make care more effective.
  • World-leading NIHR infrastructure embedded in our NHS, including the UK’s largest Clinical Trials Unit, 3 Biomedical Research Centres, 2 Applied Research Collaborations, the Centre for Ethnic Health Research, School for Primary Care Research and 1 of only 5 UK Patient Recruitment Centres.
  • Stable, ethnically diverse population of over 10m providing an ideal test bed for global health and multi-morbidity interventions.