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Offshore wind supply chain and ports in Teesside and the Humber

Offshore wind will supply the future energy needs of the UK, and companies operating in the offshore-wind super clusters of Teesside and the Humber will make this happen.

The UK has the world’s largest offshore wind energy market, and it is set to grow with the development of 2 new offshore wind ports in Teesside and the Humber.

This is a unique opportunity for companies that manufacture high-value offshore wind components, as well as those operating in associated sub-component and systems supply chains.

By 2030, the government plans to quadruple offshore wind capacity by backing innovations and investing to bring jobs and growth to the nation’s ports and coastal regions.

The 40 GW offshore wind target could help bring £20 billion of private investment into renewable energy. Coordinated offshore wind connections could also deliver up to £6 billion in consumer savings by 2050.

This could significantly reduce environmental and social impacts on coastal communities across the UK.

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