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Urban Regeneration

Interchange Commercial District

A mixed-use city centre development with offices adjacent to the £150m Interchange transport hub.

The promoters welcome the interest of investors and occupiers for a range of investment and delivery structure opportunities around
the Interchange Commercial District area. Consisting of multiple strategic sites to build upon the success of the new and developing Commercial District underpinned by the new transport interchange. Key site opportunities include Interchange 8,  Banana Yard, Steam Mill and Sackworks, and a hotel offer as part of
a potential 93,000m² of new commercial space, 87,000m² net office space and 153 bed hotel.

Steam Mill and Sackworks are two key sites neighbouring the city’s new railway station. They offer the ability to unlock the potential of the site as a legible, permeable and well-connected place accessible to the wider community, enhance and build upon character of the Union Mill conservation area and deliver new commercial office and leisure floorspace that links the transport interchange with the wider corridor.

Key facts

• The new i9 development is home to the second headquarters of the Department of Levelling Up, Homes and Communities, City centre office-led, mixed use development next to the £150 million transport hub

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2317 – Canalside View 210511-min
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Investment location

Why invest in Wolverhampton?

Wolverhampton has been backed by the UK Government in February’s Levelling Up White Paper to continue to deliver even more ambitious regeneration projects across the city. This is a strong endorsement of the work of the City of Wolverhampton Council who have an impressive track record of delivery in partnership with a range of public and private sector organisations.

With £4.4 billion worth of investment on site or planned, the face of our city is changing through the creation of a wealth of attractive opportunities for developers and investors. Prime examples of this collaborative working are the award-winning £1 billion i54 business park, the £150 million Interchange transport hub, the £17.5 million National Brownfield Institute at the University of Wolverhampton’s Springfield Campus and the

£16 million construction of the i9 office complex – now home to the Department for Levelling Up, Homes and Communities’ second headquarters.

With 10,000 new homes planned, the potential for another 1 million square foot of office space, opportunities in retail, leisure and hospitality and an enviable portfolio of heritage buildings, Wolverhampton is a prime location for investment in the heart of the UK.

Insight for investors

• Type of Investment Sought: Opportunities for Buyer, equity investor, development partner, operators
• Value and cost info: £100m+ GDV
• Site Size: 93,000m2 of new commercial space and 87,000m2 of office space, along with a  153 bed hotel
• Timescale: 2023 onwards
• Delivery Timescale: 1 – 5 years
• Planning Status: As part of local area plan; outline application being prepared for Interchange 8

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Primary promoter

City of Wolverhampton Council & Ion Developments