Urban Regeneration

Broad Marsh

Nottingham’s Broad Marsh development is one of the most significant City Centre development sites in the UK and the “once in many generations” opportunity for Nottingham to lead the way in city centre regeneration following the impacts of Covid and online retailing. The unique 20 acre site includes the former, part demolished Broad Marsh shopping centre which was handed back to Nottingham City Council when Intu went into administration at the start of the Covid pandemic.

Nottingham City Council set up an independent Advisory Group to build on the Council’s successful ‘Big Conversation’ consultation to reimagine the derelict Broad Marsh shopping centre.
Heatherwick Studio, the highly-acclaimed British designer, were commissioned to work with the Advisory Group on the creative Vision for the City Centre site.

The Vision gives Nottingham a “once in many generations” opportunity given the size, scale and position of the site and would offer social and economic opportunity to Nottingham on an unprecedented and historic scale.

The development, will generate 2,000 jobs in the build and 2,300 new jobs once development is complete and create more than 750 new homes and over 400,000 sq ft of high end business and office space.
The Council are currently considering the master plan for the site in the context of the Vision from Heatherwick’s, with a view to crystalising a master plan for the site by the end of 2022.
The Council are also currently progressing with partial demolition of the existing shopping centre, to facilitate creation of the public realm along Lister Gate. This will create activation in a key area of the City whilst the master plan proposals are developed.


Opportunity location

Why invest in Nottinghamshire?

Nottingham is a city with a rich past and a bright future. A city of leaders and legacy, known for its resilience, its compassion and its community spirit – just like its hero, Robin Hood. A city where you’ll find the legend of its outlaw hero and a thousand years of history at Nottingham Castle a stone’s throw from state-of-the-art developments emerging in Southside, Waterside and the Island Quarter. A place that’s on a mission to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city by 2028, with unprecedented levels of investment in an award-winning, clean and green public transport system, electric vehicles and sustainable energy sources. A vibrant clash of creativity and culture, history and heritage, and world-class sports. A city where you’ll find independent shops, world cuisine and a thriving nightlife buzzing within the curious alleyways, boutique arcades and beautiful architecture. And two world-class universities nurturing innovation and independent minds, while a growing business scene secures their future. A place that’s always moving forward while celebrating its past. The biggest small city in the UK, nestled in the heart of the Midlands.

Insights for investors

  • Type of Investment Sought: Funding partners, developers, occupiers
  • Site Size: 20 Acres
  • Jobs: 4300
  • Timescale: 2022-2032
  • Delivery Timescale: 5+ years
  • Planning Status: Currently procuring the master plan development
Primary promoter

Nottingham City Council